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I am here to empower women. I want women to feel beautiful from the inside out. Lots of women come to me knowing they have something amazing to express or an amazing part of them that’s needing to be expressed, but are not sure how to do it. I help women tap into these amazing parts and learn how to express it via style, creating an image that speaks to them authentically. I also get a lot of women who are going through major life transitions and are changing into something new and need help to determine who this new self is and how to express this through image and style. Or maybe you are just ready to get out of your fashion rut and need a whole new wardrobe. If you are stuck in not knowing what to wear or knowing how to express your empowered and authentic self through style, I’m here to help.

Contact me today to work together in Asheville NC. I look forward to being your personal stylist. I offer free Consultations! Give me a call today to learn more.

Located in Asheville NC

Evangeline Glasgow
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