Why an Image Consultant?

Some have never even heard of a personal stylist or image consultant.  When people ask, I say that I am here to help women reinvent themselves and find their inner goddess with the tag line of "inner knowing, outer glowing".  When we dress "the part" or we wear that certain something, we can feel it on the inside, where it then radiates out and transforms the way we feel.  It transforms the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we carry ourselves.  We feel empowered.  We attract more of what we desire.  We simply feel good about ourselves and exert the confidence needed to take on the world. 

I've been the frumpy mom who didn't care what I looked like.  Baggy clothes.  Hair a mess.  No make up.  Feeling less than attractive.  But also not feeling myself.  Not feeling like I was stepping into my highest and most beautiful self.  It was those moments that I put on my stylish and cute clothes, added some color with some make up, accessorized, and did my hair that I felt alive and empowered.  I felt as if I could face the world and talk to anyone!

What you wear, how you adorn yourself, and how you present yourself matters.  It matters most importantly to YOU because it has a direct correlation and effect on how you feel about yourself when you face and interact with the world. 

So why an Image Consultant?  As an image consultant and personal stylist I can help guide and direct you on how to present your best self to the world.  So you can walk around with inner knowing and outer glowing.