Women Changing the World

The power of the woman has gone greatly undernourished and stifled for a very long time.  Yet, I feel we are finally coming into an age where this is slowly starting to diminish.  I believe that through the empowerment of the woman, we can rise up and create healing and harmony on this planet.  But of course, as the cliché goes, change starts with us.

Women!  This is my call to each and everyone of you.  Let's create feminine power, starting with our own lives where it will then trickle out to each and everyone of us.   Through my own path of discovering my inner goddess, I want to help other women find and do the same.  Style isn't just about fashion (although fashion in and of itself is quite fun!).  Style is an expression of our souls.  It's our personality, desires, reflections, and character mirrored through a statement of image to the outside world by how we adorn ourselves.  When we are reflecting this mirror accurately, we are reflecting our highest selves, our empowerment, our joy, our livelihood. 

I work with all types of women.  Sure I have my own style and reflect a certain image that may not be right for everyone.  But I know how to tap into a person's essence and help them realize their power and their unique style.  I work with not only my savvy eye and my overall niche for fashion, but I work through my intuition and getting to know my clients.  So, let's start working together and build an image and wardrobe for you that will help change your life!